Feeling on the top of the world

You feel
On the top
Of the world
The best feeling
The most wonderful
Vibes that you can

Opens your heart
And awaken your mind
Exhilarate and exalting
The core of your being
Making it feel as if
It is floating
On the top
Of the world

Both are
Two sides
Of the same coin
Love in two forms
Both lifting us
Above the mundane
And gifting us

Written for Thursday Inspiration # 143, hosted by Jim



32 thoughts on “Feeling on the top of the world

  1. Growth of enlightenment is the development of the purest state of love that exists, an inner state of Being that is not dependent on anything from the outside for its fulfillment. Love is also the most unifying, nourishing force of life. Lord Buddha said, “If you truly loved yourself, you would never harm another.”

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