Designer glasses

I lost my very expensive designer glasses last Sunday when I went for a walk. I retraced my steps but there wasn’t any sign of them anywhere. I was doubly sorry to have lost them because for one they were my only Ray-bans and for another they were a gift from my wife. I knew that she would be very displeased that I had dropped them somewhere.

A couple of weeks later both of us went for a walk on a bright Sunday afternoon. And lo and behold, there they were adorning a wooden sculpture that was still part of a tree. I must say they made that wooden face look quite dashing!


Written in response to CCC # 167, hosted by Crispina Kemp



54 thoughts on “Designer glasses

          1. Oh right, l never knew, l don’t wear sunglasses. I don’t think l ever have sitting here thinking on it. How strange. I have had glasses adapted to adapt to changing sun, but never actual sunglasses.

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            1. I used to wear contacts before my cataract surgery and could wear ordinary sunglasses at that point. Now I have no issues with wearing them. Sunglasses protect from getting crows feet and wrinkles on the forehead. We, women are quite vain.

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              1. No, l don’t think that’s vanity per se Sadje, l think that’s practical. I have seen what crows feet is like on women before especially if they ‘worshipped’ the sun a lot when younger and lying on the beach a lot uncovered. Below the neck and above the breast area is rather prone to crows feet.

                So not vanity, self-preservation of the skin 🙂 very wise.

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                  1. Yes she arrived this morning in Adelaide. The light was nearly an hour early and so she landed at just before 9am It all gets confusing as australia is now in Sunday morning, so she arrived yesterday haha.

                    I plan to write about it soon. The grandchildren’s surprise was very lovely to see. Their mother hadn’t told them their nan was coming, so the video taken was quite overwhelming.

                    Suze is tired, but she did it, hopefully at something past 2am now, she is in the world of slumber because she didn’t sleep once on the flight.

                    jet lag will be her enemy for a few days l should imagine, but you know the score of that 🙂

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                    1. I’m glad she is finally there. Now all she has to do is gradually adapt to the new time and get over her jet lag. What a pleasure it would have been for Suze to see her daughter and grandkids. ❤️😍

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