Breaking the rules!

Though I am no rule breaker when it concerns law and order

But don’t think of me as a sheeple, docilely following

What others think is “the right, the best way” to do things

I like to explore the norms and then try to find my own limits

Tell me a truth or a truism and you

won’t find me blindly accepting them

I will open first a dictionary or a thesaurus (or Google )and verify it

Before I will accept and adopt it as my truth as well

Going against what is acceptable, the usual way of thinking

Is my iconoclastic rebellion I am proud to admit

For what after all distinguishes us from others

Is it not how we are individually unique?


Our prompt this week is;

Reena’sPrompt #214 for RXC # is;

Let us grapple with the word ICONOCLASM and its meaning.

Iconoclasm is a breaking of established rules or destruction of accepted beliefs”



45 thoughts on “Breaking the rules!

    1. Thanks Radhika. Same here but I started researching a while ago. I guess it were all those forwarded WhatsApp messages that put up my back and I felt that it is essential to check all claims and prove them true or false


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