Finding shelter


Sprawled on the footpath, with all his belongings scattered artfully, as if marking his territory, the old man stared at the passerby defiantly like he was challenging them.

There was that peculiar scent around him that we find around people who had infrequent access to hygiene facilities and people were giving him a wide berth!

A young woman approached him with a package in her hand and offered it to him without saying anything.

He took it keenly and opened it too find a sandwich, fresh made and aromatically appetizing.

Grateful eyes turned towards his benefactor, but no words of thanks were uttered.

She understood the unsaid message for she was once like him before she found her shelter.


Written in response to Six Sentences Story; PROMPT WORD: SHELTER, given by Girlie on edge’s blog!



48 thoughts on “Finding shelter

  1. There are many places around that can provide shelter. I like when individuals take charge to help.
    Here it can get very cold in the winter and there is an organization that accepts new and made scarves, hats and mittlens and leaves them around the city with the note – Take if you need. (I’ve made some for them…)

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  2. So many homeless people here too. I was privileged to volunteer at our local night shelter for a time – it does amazing work – so many tragic stories of ordinary people falling on hard times. “But for the grace of God, go I.”

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  3. Good story, Sadje. I think we tend to forget homeless people usually were not always so. Life circumstance(s)/events has potential to alter any one of us for better or, for worse. Your character could empathize; she allowed compassion to guide her.

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