Socializing- What others think

Meeting people, getting together for a meal or a game night are the sort of activities that have come to a grinding halt due to Covid. Those who thought that they were better off without people crowding into their personal space realized that socializing isn’t all bad. If nothing else, this pandemic has made us realize that we do need human company to some degree.

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” – Carl Jung

All that is good or bad in human behavior 
Is only when we interact with others of our kind
Being a good person or a bad one
Loses its meaning if we are by ourselves
Meet another person, and you’ll know
How good or bad we actually are!
Humans need human connections 
A common thread that runs through us all
Our needs are similar, our fears and joys shared
Being solitary is fun for a little while
But ultimately we crave another human to talk with

Written for WQW # 2– Topic: Socializing, hosted by Marsha



53 thoughts on “Socializing- What others think

  1. I don’tt totally buy into this, but then, l can stand my own company for incredibly longer periods in comparison to other people. Perhaps the autism allows me to compartmentalise the importance of this or in many cases the complete unimportance of being social. It is afterall considerably overrated.

    Small circles in small doses is more than enough.

    Covid didn’t offset my socialising, covid has very little to do with it.

    Even here in WP socialising is nice, but there is so much fakery and pretence that l find it easier keeping numbers small.

    We don’t need to socialise the way people think, it is a choice not a total requirement.

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    1. I agree Rory that it’s not necessary for everyone. Some are happy on their own while others feel the lack of social interaction badly. It’s our choice what we are going to do. Thanks

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  2. Without social contact, we wither as humans. The disease and government rules have worked hand-in-glove at making our lives difficult. That has reduced social contacts to mask times, where there are regrets that we didn’t do more — interpreted by ourselves after the fact — to reduce the tension between ourselves, when we had the chance.

    Close friends are left to drift away, a bizarre event, giving us headaches and migraines of regretfulness.

    In addition to suffering alone, we worry about the state of the world and whether the roof’s gonna fall down on our head.

    — Catxman

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  3. You have some great responses from people, Sadje. Your friend with autism made a point that I hadn’t thought of. For some, socializing is incredibly painful. For you and me, socializing seems to come naturally. You answered her well. We all make our own choices based on our comfort levels even in blogging. Great WQW post.

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  4. I am torn… I have anxiety which can make socializing (especially in large groups) difficult at best, and I have depression which leaves me in a worsened state if alone too long. It is a difficult situation to navigate.

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