Style, past and present

This week’s for Throwback Thursday, our prompt is: Sense of Style

(This week we are revisiting our foray into fashion and how you learned to express yourself through your outward appearance and adornments)


Like decorating adventures, my sense of style has seen many changes too. But then I suppose that it’s but natural that our style evolves over time as we grow.

When I was a teenager following the latest fashion trends seemed to be very important. Our national dress is Kameez shalwar and we keep on experimenting with the length and styles of this ensemble. The shirts can be mid-thigh or even shorter or nearly to ankles. The shalwar can have wide lower end or ankle hugging ones.

I remember shortening the length of the shirt by cutting it off or increasing it by adding a piece of cloth to it with some artistry as the fashion changed.

In the eighties, big hair was in so I got a perm! Blow drying the hair to fluff then out was also on the agenda. And as a young mom, I followed all the fashion that I could given my self imposed restrictions of always being decently covered.

It’s only lately that I have stopped trying to follow the latest trends. Now I look for;

1• Comfort

2• Easy to manage clothes

3• Looking graceful

This latest change is because I’ve stopped bothering about how others perceive me. I only do what I feel I should do!

Me, in November, at a wedding

Written for Throwback Thursday- Sense of Style, a prompt by Maggie this week



58 thoughts on “Style, past and present

  1. You look so beautiful and graceful dear Sadje. From head to toe.. I even noticed the matching footwear, pedicured nails and nail colour😍😍😍
    I’m most comfortable in salwar kameez too .. grace n simplicity is never out of style 😊thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Punam. I think the same. When I was in US, I wore comfortable, baggy jeans but never had the relaxed feel I get with my shalwar kameez!


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