My occupation!

This week, Fandango Provocatively asks;

What do you do for a living? If you are retired, what did you do before you retired? If you’re currently unemployed, what did you do before becoming unemployed?


I was studying to because a doctor when I got married. In my culture, 36 years, back most marriages were arranged by parents. I gave my consent for the marriage, thinking I’ll be able to complete my studies after marriage, but that didn’t happen.

My first job was as the Wife! This job was soon turned into a combination of a wife and mother when my daughter was born. These combined responsibilities lasted for 24 years. The job description seems simple enough, but it was I think the toughest job around. It combined the duties of a housekeeper, cook, chauffeur, cleaner, launderer and a nurse/ doctor!

Finally when my elder daughter married and I thought that now my duties were going to lessen but after a year or so, I was given another job, that of a grandmother. While the job of a grandmother isn’t as challenging as that of a mom, it has its challenges too.

The biggest responsibility of a grandma is to love, nurture and spoil her grandkids. I do my best to fulfill my duties by helping my children when they need a nanny to help them out. In case of my grandson, my duties are different due to the unique circumstances of their situation. For him, I’m a part-time mom too, a tutor for helping him learn Urdu, teaching him Quran, and also a confidant! I’m also his student where he tries to teach my how to play different video games that he loves.

These are the details of my “career” I doubt that I will retire any time soon. Probably till I am fit and able to handle my “duties”.

Not me! But you get the idea

Written for FPQ # 152, hosted by Fandango.



48 thoughts on “My occupation!

  1. I hope and wish you always stay fit enough to keep performing your wonderful duties to the fullest. As someone who grew up with a single mother, I know the importance of a grandparent. I’m sure your grandson will cherish every moment he spends with you and all those memories you gift him. 💖

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  2. Women’s family responsibilities are woefully undervalued. It sounds as if you have an awesome relationship with your grandson. I’m sure he helps to keep you young. Long may that continue, my friend!

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