January 14th, 2022- Freckled

Fair skin, red hair are frequently accompanied by freckles. But people like me should not have them as I don’t fall in the above category. But I did have, loads of them.

One of my cousins, who is a doctor and lives in America, got his genealogy tested, and guess what? It seems we have some Caucasian, as well as gypsy DNA in our blood. That may account for dark reddish-brown hair and freckles in many of my mom’s family.

I got rid of a lot of the freckles that were on my face with cryotherapy. The doctor uses liquid nitrogen to burn of the freckles. It’s a relatively painless and inexpensive procedure. I guess it was vanity that made me take this step.

I still have a few here and there that I am okay with.

Not me!

Written for Linda’s JusJoJan

Today’s prompt: Freckled, given to us by Maggie



36 thoughts on “January 14th, 2022- Freckled

    1. At that time I didn’t feel much discomfort. The surgeon was very good and it was not expensive. I don’t know what sort they were but my grandma had green eyes too which isn’t common in my part of the world.


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