January 13th, 2022- Following the protocol

Covid protocols are in place for our own safety.

Why do people prefer to get ill, to wearing a mask? I will never understand this type of thinking.

Last Sunday I met a lady who was working at the local McDonald’s. She was wearing her mask on her chin. I asked her to cover her mouth and nose and she declined, saying that she felt suffocated. There were others there too, mask-less.

What people don’t understand is that Covid not only kills but also makes a person very ill and the illness can prolong. It’s not only death they should be worried about, but the disability brought on by getting ill. It

Anyway, since I cannot make others do as they should, I follow all the safety protocols of Covid and so does my family.

Written for Linda’s JusJoJan

Today’s prompt; Protocol, given to us by John



65 thoughts on “January 13th, 2022- Following the protocol

  1. No surprise to me. There are examples where the medical industry has abused people’s trust, so this is just payback.

    I’m thinking of where hospitals might have mistreated someone, for example, then gone on to try to cover it up but been discovered. That happens here and I’m sure it must happen there. Those few rotten apples do, indeed, spoil the barrel.

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    1. The “payback” is taking the lives of those who are innocent along with the anti-vaxxers! There are almost always dirty eggs in every profession, but it shouldn’t make us lose trust in the good people.

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      1. Shouldn’t… but does. I suspect many of the anti-maskers/vaxxers are such because of bad doctors they have encountered previously. Every knock affects their credibility.

        For example, it turned out here that a large proportion of unvaccinated here were ethnic minorities. Why? Because the government said “get vaccinated” and over the generations, these people have learned not to trust a word the government says! That’s how all this nonsense about infertility and the like has gained traction.

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  2. Some people are complete jerks, and they will never do as they should. This doesn’t just pertain to Covid social distancing, wearing masks and getting vaccinated, as these people think only about themselves and they feel like they have the right to do whatever they desire. if they want to throw garbage out of their car windows or throw stuff in the trash instead of recycling it, no protocol is going to stop them.

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  3. We do too. Plus have our shots and boosters. Yet my husband got diagnosed with Omicron today. He’s home alone and I’m with the kids. Now the dilemma is do I stay or go home? I don’t like him being all alone.

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  4. Agree with you completely. Though not everyone here follows the protocols either, I do everywhere, and ask people, as is safe to do so, to please wear a mask if they are not. It’s simple and effective. Thanks for the share, Sadje.

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  5. I was in a store yesterday and for the first time in a long time I would have to say almost 50% of the people had masks. That is a big change in like the last week. Masks have definitely been in the minority here.

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