Carpe diem – Seizing the moment

Tanya’s quote for today is:

“Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect”

As Tanya said in her post, this quote can be equally relevant to blogging as it is to life in general.

Unless one is a professional blogger who is making money out of their blog, we have to make time to blog. Life, family, and job considerations all have to be given priority before we can turn towards our blog.

That perfect idea or that perfect moment where everything is in sync for us to write seldom, or if ever happens. Any time when you are free, or when you get a good idea for a post should be utilized and with a bit of effort, a post can be created.

My own experience in this regard is that if I spend a lot of time on a post, it seldom generates interest in my readers, and a post written quickly to meet my own set deadline gets many more views and comments.

To summarize, I can say that writing a blog post when we have little time can produce good results and maybe the best use of your free time. The bottom line is: keep on writing whenever you have time or idea, don’t try for perfection.

Written for Blogging Insights NF # 25, hosted by Tanya



27 thoughts on “Carpe diem – Seizing the moment

  1. That’s an interesting observation Sadje, I find prompts provided by certain people get the most views for written posts, but a simple photo floors it. I get it only takes a second to look at

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  2. Wow, If more people understood this, there’ll be less bloggers who abandon their blogs. I practice this as a rule of thumb, writing only when there’s time, idea and the environment for doing so. For example, I cannot overwhelm myself with a fixed schedule during exam season (that is, now!). Your strategy would work best for students like myself and many more professionals who aren’t earning from their blogs.

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