Broken connections

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Welcome to the Random Friday Prompt! This week, let’s write about the difficulties of connecting with other people


Taking a big knife we have slashed 
Relationships, communities, nations
Division is what we propagate nowadays

Hatred is our weapon, exclusion our mindset
Then we bemoan the lack of connections
The fact that people are distant, distrustful

All we need is honestly and acceptance
Opening our hearts and minds to new ideas
It will be enough to mend the broken relationships


Written for Paula’s Random Friday Prompt # 1



46 thoughts on “Broken connections

  1. I think we need to be able to listen, if not accept others views. At work there is a massive division between those who think COVID is a big deal and those who want it to move on, and it’s becoming distinctly unpleasant because no one’s willing to listen to the other

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  2. The first stanza hit so hard. The world got divided through guns and knives first, rather than through geography. From outer space, these fixed “borders” and distinctions between different countries are not even seen. We have created them by virtue of our hatred. Could relate to the next 2 stanzas on a personal level.

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