Sunday Poser # 62

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

Have you ever been hurt by your expectations?

I used to have great expectations. For the longest time, I believed that people would do the right thing, the kind thing. But I got disappointed so many times that I learned my lesson.

The lesson was that; If you don’t want to get hurt and lose your faith in humanity, don’t have expectations, from anyone!

This hard learned lesson has now saved me from not only getting emotionally hurt but has also saved my relationship with my family and friends. If they do something good or kind, I am pleasantly surprised and if they don’t, it doesn’t matter to me.

So what about you?

Do you have expectations from others or not? Have you ever been hurt because they didn’t do as expected?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this one, so that I can find it.

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51 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 62

  1. You can’t have expectations of others, for it’s their life and their choice. I don’t think you have the right to think they should do/act in a manner you think is appropriate, for it might not be appropriate to them

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  2. I lived a great portion of my adulthood with unrealistic and quite frankly expectations of others that were none of my business. Today, I can hold space for expectations, as it is part of my job to do so, yet those expectations start with me, and when there are expectations of others, I know if they do not meet the expectation it has nothing to do with me; in fact, in many ways it has nothing to do with them; it just is. I find holding space for expectations this way, which includes accountability and discipline, healthier. It removes shame and blame, which are unhealthy. Wow. I had a lot to write today. Excellent prompt, Sadje!

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  3. Oh, my, YES! So many times. I echo your thoughts and have really let my expectations go. People do whatever they are capable of and I continue to just have expectations of myself because at least I know I will do everything in my power not to disappoint myself. In addition, I’ve “culled” my inner circle of all those who are just takers and not really invested in a relationship with me. So I would say, my later years are much less chaotic and disappointing. 🙂 Great question!

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  4. I guess the one thing I still have expectation about is messages… if I send a text or email with a question I expect it to be answered. But I know a couple people that just don’t do that always and I should know by now they have better things to do than answer my questions.

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