January-9th, 2022- Am I too old?

Am I too old to dream of rainbows and unicorns? 

Too old to indulge in a journey of fantastical imagination?

Am I too practical to believe in love and magic?

Am I too jaded to stop and smell the roses?

Or chase a butterfly over a field of blossoming flowers?

Am I?


Written for Linda’s JusJoJan

Prompt word given by Astrid; Unicorn



67 thoughts on “January-9th, 2022- Am I too old?

  1. Being old should not stop you from doing whatever you want!
    But It’s only up to you, weather you dip into this negativity that you are not capable or you shouldn’t, or doing it anyway.
    Thank you Sadje for this beautiful poem💐

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      1. Hey Sadje, I put up a post this morning and I’ve had no views at all. I know there’s issues with WP at the moment. Can you let me know if you can see it. It’s the 2022 photography challenge

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  2. I think if we keep our hopes and wishes alive then we are ready to tackle anything that comes our way.
    OK maybe just slower… but with perhaps more grace and dignity 😉

    Keep believing in positivity, add to balance of love and harmony, and shed the light of your smile!

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