It’s all mine!


Hey mom, what are doing opening MY cupboard?“

This is all MY stuff. There is nothing here that belongs to you. Please can you leave my stuff alone!“

Other wise you know what might happen. I could have an “ accident” outside my litter box or maybe break something you like”

So you get off MY property and I’ll leave you in peace!”

Written for One minute fiction, hosted by Cranny



35 thoughts on “It’s all mine!

  1. haha! Cats claim everything is theirs! Our cats knew which low cabinet their food was kept in and they could open the door – then sit their staring at it and giving us looks to make us give them some. 🙂

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  2. I used to heat milk for my fur-baby in a blue microwave bowl. It was a complete set. If I used another blue bowl for something else, she would express anger. It was as if blue bowls in the house were her personal property 🙂

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