Happy in my living space?

This week, Fandango provocatively asks us;

Are you one of the seven out of ten people who is unhappy with the place in which you currently reside? If so, what is it about your place that causes your unhappiness? Or, are you one of the 30% who is not unhappy with your home? What is it about it that makes you happy?


I think I fall in the group of people who like their home, city and country.

I am living in two places at this moment. One is where my husband is, Lahore and the other is where I live with my daughter and grandson, that’s Islamabad. I like both of these homes. Our home in Lahore is big and we need help with cooking and cleaning here. People are happy to work here for a salary.

While our home in Islamabad is small, cozy, and easily managed. Here I just need a part-time helper. The rest I manage on my own. It keeps me busy and active.

Both these places are comfortable and I have made them easy to manage, keep clean, and welcoming. Another important factor is that in both these homes, I have my own space where I can be alone, relax and do as I feel.

When your living space is comfortable and welcoming, and you feel as if you fit right in, you will feel happy living there.

Written for FPQ # 151, hosted by Fandango



47 thoughts on “Happy in my living space?

  1. I’m sure your daughter and grandson are so appreciative of your help! What a wonderful opportunity to spend time with them. I like my space and city, I don’t like my clutter! Hope to spend time cleaning once my child is back in school.

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  2. I’ve mixed feelings, as I don’t own this pad, therefore unable to change what I don’t particularly like. But it’s a roof over my head, repairs are taken of when needed, and it’s in a fairly quiet ‘hood.
    Every so often I check For Rent ads but I usually realise looking at photos, this is way better.
    Your home spaces sound wonderful…

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  3. Previously, In the hostel I disliked the noisy crowd, living on rent has many challenges, I love my home where I grew up. It’s the place where with my curiosities and adventures.

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          1. The process of learning and challenges was composed of fun and our daily lifestyle.

            In the 11th grade, I represented my school to a neighbour navodaya school in the National Social Sciences Model competition.

            We planned a model on Public Food Distribution System (PDS) which is the largest government service in India. The government provides wheat, rice, gram and salt at minimal cost in “Rashan Dukaans” (the government shops on the monthly basis. It’s very helpful for poor & needy people.

            • Food storage can play a significant role in fighting drought, war or other emergencies. Or imagine COVID-19.

            The farmer produces crops and food. They are the backbone of our country. PDS System starts working from the fields to the storage to various services.

            In the economics book, there’s a 3-4 pages chapter on it, but to prepare this model we used various resources, planned the design and got guidance from our teachers.

            Although we’re not selected, and it was a good model, this inspired me to get better at research and plan the solutions & strategies (applying knowledge).

            Thank you.

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