Saving the day!

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(For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a girl sitting at a library table surrounded by books and she’s reading from a large book opened up on the table in front of her)


I realized when I got home that I had accidentally left all my notes at the library. I was very angry with myself. I’d spend so many hours researching and writing in preparation for my term paper and now they were somewhere in the darkened room, forlorn and alone.

It was a mistake that would cost me my A+ grade. This was a blow to my ego. I was the most intelligent kid in my class and the most hard working too. But my problem was my memory. Unless I had written notes in front of me, I couldn’t recall what I had written. But it was too late as the library was closed.

Next day I fared not too badly in my exam paper. But I knew it wasn’t my best performance. When the teacher handed out the graded papers, I had a B-. My eyes filled with tears on getting such a low grade. Jasmine who was sitting next to me was quite sympathetic and we got talking. It was the first time we had really talked as equals.

From that day, I stopped being obsessed with grades and got a bonus of making friends in my class. I was now one of them!


Written for FSS# 27, hosted by Fandango

Also included, FFFC # 150, also hosted by Fandango




45 thoughts on “Saving the day!

  1. There are many ways to feel left out. Some elementary schools in our area have a ‘sharing bench’ in the play yard or a ‘sharing talbe’ in the lunch room. A child who is lonely can sit at it and others when they see someone there are encouraged to ‘make friends’.

    I like the ending… friendship is a priceless value. 🙂

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          1. I think another good thing that adds to their value is that the benches are all donated as well as being made of recycled material. So while they look like the old wooden park benches the won’t give spinters 😉

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              1. “An ordinary wooden park bench will begin to rot, lasting only about 50 years at most, but often less than that. Recycled plastic benches are prepared to last a lifetime with sturdy planks that won’t rot or decay”

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