My first share of 2022

Melanie is our gracious host of SYW

Welcome to Share Your World!

Evil Squirrel is offering four or five different questions this week for you to answer.  He is channeling five Nest Critters to do so.  


Ricky “The Pious” Raccoon asks a two parter:    (12-2-2021)

What frivolous, but annoying thing that people do be considered a sin (crime)?  
And how should violators be made to repent (be punished) for it?   

Thin people who eat loads of food and don’t gain a pound. They should be punished by making them diet and abstain from all their favorite foods.

Mary “The Poster Lamb For Cute” (12-9-2021) asks

Imagination IN and impracticality and logic aside, if you could pick one animal to have as an exotic pet based solely on how cute and adorable it is, what would it be?

I would love to have a cute and cuddly panda for a pet!

The Sponkies (the result of an unusual pairing of a donkey and a sparkle pony)  12-16-2021

Do you have any siblings?  If so, where do you rank in birth order?  And do you think either of these facts contributed to the person you became?

I have three brothers. One older and two younger than me. Being the only girl made me into a responsible person growing up. My elder brother was very wild and the younger ones were quite subdued. I was the balanced one! 😎

12-23-2021   ZAC (short for Prozac because his somewhat maniacal grinning face is rather creepy)…

We all have things that make us happy, but what makes you deliriously, giddily, tail wagging-ly happy?

Kindness and harmony between my children makes me very happy. As all grown up adults, they have their ups and downs in relationships but when they all are kind to each other, I feel content.

Or you can give me lots of good quality chocolates and I will be very happy.

Evil Squirrel (and the final question from E.S. “Nest” o’ fun!)   12-30-2021

If you had an alter ego, who or what would it be? Describe some fun or interesting things about them!

My alter ego would be a reckless character, living in the moment without a care for tomorrow. She would go on adventures, do risky things and won’t have any responsibilities.


What are some hopes or accomplishments you’d like to see happen in 2022?

I hope that people finally realize that they all need to be careful regarding Covid; get vaccinated, wear masks and avoid crowds.

I also hope that we try to come to grips with the environmental issues our world is facing, seriously.

I also hope that this year brings peace, joy and contentment to us all.

Can you guess which character this is from a Sega game?

A drawing generously donated by my grandson for my blog.

Thanks Melanie for such fun questions.



35 thoughts on “My first share of 2022

    1. Thanks Suzette, it’s a lookalike, shadow the hedgehog! They differ slightly in shape but are different colors, Sonic being blue and red and shadow is black and red. Thanks for your kind words. I’ll convey them to him.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Is a panda human friendly? I have read that they look cool in movies but are dangerous.

    The drawing is cool. It’s Sonic the Hedgehog.

    I enjoyed your answers. And want to offer you some chocolates. 🍫🍫

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a wonderful drawing by your grandson. Splendid. First answer was funny, funny, and then this is great, “Or you can give me lots of good quality chocolates and I will be very happy.” Yes, please. Wonderful post, all around, Sadje.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Okay there is something definitely amiss. I read this and replied earlier in the week, because I remember I complimented you on your grandson’s talent. But I’ll try again because obviously the comment didn’t process. 😦 Thanks, Sadje, for Sharing Your World! A panda would be cute, have you seen the red panda? I think that’s what Evil Squirrel chose. They’re both such adorable creatures! I agree with the crime and punishment segment too. My father had that kind of metabolism, sadly he didn’t pass it along to me! 😉 All your answers were wonderful and again, I apologize for the mix-up! Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

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