January 4th, 2022- Generosity

Generous is the one who gives
Of their time or possessions
They share what they have selflessly
Not hoarding for the “rainy day”

But the one who accepts this generosity
Is also one to be applauded for their graciousness
For not everyone will admit their need
Or take what is given with open heart in the same spirit

Another type of generosity is often ignored
Forgiveness and acceptance is perhaps the best kind of generosity
A heart that can heal their own wounds
And those of the one who wronged them are heroic indeed

Written for Linda’se JusJoJan- Generosity



41 thoughts on “January 4th, 2022- Generosity

  1. Thank you for this thoughtful poem and for recognizing forgiveness and acceptance as generous and heroic. For me, these things have often been a process. In some situations, I’ve had to start by praying for the willingness to forgive. It helped to remember that acceptance doesn’t mean we have to like the reality, and forgiveness doesn’t mean the forgiven act was okay. But they are both part of healing.

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  2. I think we do tend to consider generosity in the first stanza, sometimes in the second, but Oh! That third one is so much needed, and generosity is a great way to invite that.
    Nice prompt word!

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