Expressing myself

Image credit; Google images

Pick up that brush or that pen and let what is festering inside you, out”, says my heart to me but it’s my mind that creates doubts, insecurities.

Looking for validation to go forward with what I want to do is equally and reversibly opposed by excuses my brain comes up with for not attempting anything new or creative.

It has to be one or the other, the decision is based on how adventurous I am feeling.

Boldly, I stride to the cupboard and take out those brushes, paints, and canvas that I have had sitting there for ages, waiting for me to be courageous enough to give expression to my dreams.

“There now”, I say to myself as I survey what I have just painted on the canvas, a medley of colorful splashes, bright and colorful!

My masterpiece!


Written in response to Six Sentences Story- Express, hosted by Girlie on the edge’s blog



82 thoughts on “Expressing myself

  1. I always see things in such paintings… and Don Quixote by a windmill was my first impression.
    I have to start working on knitting two similar yet different baby blankets after that… maybe some ‘art’.
    A striking image. Bold and beautiful.

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  2. A Ms-piece of the artist’s creative struggle, Sadje. Reminds me of two things.
    1. A cartoon I saw many years ago of a man looking at an abstract painting in a gallery and saying ‘My 4-year-old could paint better than that’. A woman standing nearby responds with ‘And could probably say something more intelligent.’
    2. In 1973, the National Gallery of Australia purchased Jackson Pollock’s ‘Blue Poles’ for $1.3m which, to say the least, was a very controversial decision. It is now estimated to be worth $350m. 😉

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