Do I have a story inside me?

This week Dr.Tanya invites us to ponder on this quote;

You’ve got a new story to write and it looks nothing like your past.”

Writing a short story for one of the many blog prompts is never difficult for me. I’m often flattered by the desire of my readers for me to write a longer story/book-length tale. And my response invariably is that I don’t have that talent.

As for being inspired to write a new post every day it is not difficult but are all my posts different from each other?

I have published more than 6000 posts in around 39 months. A lot of posts and I do try to vary the topics, my style of writing, and often my view of the given topic, but it is one mind that is creating that content and invariably, the ideas get repeated. It will be a person with a huge collection of ideas and words who can produce something different every day, without repeating themselves.

So I do agree with Tanya that even if the ideas are new, the writer is the same and we are bound to repeat ourselves.

Written for Blogging Insights NF # 24, hosted by Tanya



23 thoughts on “Do I have a story inside me?

  1. About repeating oneself I would humbly disagree.

    A writers writing reflects their nature, their approach to issues , their way of perceiving things and a lot more and yet it forms a very tiny aspect of their total personality.

    What changes and keeps on changing are the moods, issues, the landscape and a lot more.

    These are my thoughts.

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  2. Yes, I agree the ideas may be the same, but we never know who might read them. And it is the reader’s interpretation that might put a new spin on the written words.

    Sorry for the late comments, I am working on several writing projects that “ran” away with my morning schedule😊

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  3. Ultimately I think this is true, yet do also think that each post takes on its own flavor, dependent on many contextual and behavioral factors, which I think gives each post its own uniqueness. I never feel like reading you is repeating.

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