Reflections of ourselves

Wonder how we all see something different, while looking at the same situation? The reason is that we see what we think we will see. Something that is inside ourself, sparks this thought.

Like a mirror we reflect 
What is inside our minds
Into what is around us


Sometimes do this
Sit alone with your thoughts
Analyze your self and contemplate
What you really are
What are your values and goals
What makes you, uniquely you
This understanding will give you
A rare insight into your mind
That you weren’t aware of

A tool of great empowerment


Written for WQWWC # 55, hosted by Marsha

WQWWC – Topic: Reflections/Memoirs



58 thoughts on “Reflections of ourselves

  1. I love to reflect…a quiet time to resolve “stuff” that is bothering me. Putting together a plan that be changed as I go a long.
    Also reflect at the end of “something” did it go to plan, is it completed or does it need tweaking 🤔

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  2. Sadje, I love this poem. Did you write this? It is so true. We do it constantly. Our brains make constant connections. Somehow our emotions and instincts get into the picture as well. Thanks for joining in.
    Like a mirror we reflect
    What is inside our minds
    Into what is around us

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