January 2nd- What???

What did all this Gobbledygook mean? With the letter in her hand, she literally scratched her head with the other one.

They said that lawyers could never say anything simply or clearly, and now she was sure of it. All these henceforths, hereins, therebys were making her head spin. She put down the letter and rang up her brother. He may be able to decipher this legal jargon.

A couple of hours later, Cindy was being congratulated by her brother Dan. It seemed that she indeed had won the case against the city council. Now they won’t be taking her home away from her to expand the highway.

She was grateful to her friends and her brother who had encouraged her to fight the council when they were trying to possess her home.

Written for Linda’s JusJoJan

Today’s prompt given to us by; Dan Antion of No Facilities




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