Is is luck, superstitions or something else?

Written for Throwback Thursday, Hosted by Maggie and Lauren

This week Maggie asks us;

What makes you feel lucky? Is it a four leaf clover, a rabbit’s foot, or a lucky penny?

Strangely enough, I never had any superstitious about things being lucky or unlucky.

Perhaps my brain is wired too logically but labeling anything as lucky or unlucky doesn’t fits my way of thinking. If something good happens it is because we have worked for it and that is the result. If we fail at something, it could be that we didn’t put in enough effort into it.


I believe in fate and destiny!

I think that fate is different from luck but maybe I am just trying to state things differently, but saying the same thing!

I believe that if I am destined to get something, I will. And if I am not, no matter what I do, I won’t. I believe that fate or destiny is a part of a bigger picture. According to my beliefs, everything in the universe happens for a reason. Our birth, our lives and ultimately our death are are predestined. And hence everything that happens in between happens as it should.

This logic doesn’t leave any room for things to be lucky or unlucky. I do not think any number, outfit or any action will bring good or bad luck.

I guess that makes me a boring, pragmatic person, but that’s who I am.



52 thoughts on “Is is luck, superstitions or something else?

  1. NEVER ‘boring!!’. There is logic in the world, and folks who think that way and they’re sorely needed. Imagine what it would be like if only ‘right’ brained folk were running around, forgetting things and off on some day dream or fantasy they were pursuing and nothing ever got done as a result? You are great just as you are!

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  2. I don’t have a lucky charm either…I work through issues, although sometimes the input from another source makes me see “this won’t work” mainly because that experience isn’t mine.

    It took a severe reminder that my health wasn’t returning to balance. Via well meaning others. And then a chance remark about an “elephant in the room” that had me reconsider way forward.

    I chatted with at person who made the remark as she has an elephant causing inner havoc for her and working in the means to send it back to the jungle.

    Early days but fe I too can send mine packing.

    So there is my lucky charm my thinking strategy 🤔

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  3. I believe in slivers of many things. I do not put much stock in lucky objects, but I do believe there is much we are not intended to fully understand. Always a pleasure to read your posts, Sadje.

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    1. Thanks a lot Maggie. You’re spot on with this statement. We cannot and do not understand how all this works. My motto is to put in the work and leave the rest to God/ Allah.

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  4. I think it was my dad’s influence (him being a rock hound) that had me growing up with lucky rocks… pretty shiny ones I would find. Never found a four leaf clover, rabbits foots just made me sad for the rabbits and there were no horseshoes hung in our house. But give me a pretty shiny rock I can hold and rub and I am happy…. and occasionally lucky.

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  5. I just updated my blog post on luck and its study as a science. If there are two things that seem incompatible with each other science and luck certainly fit the bill. Yet, there really is a scientist who studies ‘luck’. Look up Richard Wiseman or type ‘luck’ into the search field of
    Good luck in the New Year !

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