View in the rear view mirror

Looking forward, the future is hazy, unclear 
While rear vision is always perfectly clear
What challenges will be headed our way in the future
We can perhaps apprehend but can never be certain off

Looking back we know with clarity where we went wrong
At what point we should have taken a different route
Or made a decision that would have altered everything

But we live in the moment, neither past nor the future
What happens now, is instantaneous, reactive
So we need our wits about us to do what is required
And it is a wise person who accepts that fact, pragmatically!

GC and Sue W have chosen A View for weekend challenge.



30 thoughts on “View in the rear view mirror

  1. The only thing we have to remember is to learn from mistakes of the past.. the future may hold our dreams but we cant arrive there with our head lost in the clouds… the here and now keeps us grounded. Great poem Sadje!

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  2. There are some folks I think who honestly don’t realize when they have made an error in judgement.
    It used to be said in the 1960’s that it was “The ME Generation” –
    I think with the advances in technology there is to much sharing of Gen X or Millenials.

    While away everything was IPads, computerized keys, and billing etc. And well SmartPhones. Several times we had to ask for ‘paper menus’ – I think it is with some difficulty that some of us older folks live in this ‘new century’.
    We can only hope that some of the ‘old values’ are still taught and are acceptable, and even honored.

    Cheers, Jules

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          1. Yes, that is true. If I perhaps just really knew how to opperate the one I own 😉

            Maybe the newer versions are more adapted to human intuitiveness? Or perhaps I am just a little bit technophobic 😀

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