New year’s resolutions; Yes or no?

This week Fandango, for FPQ # 150 asks us;

Do you plan on making any New Year’s resolutions this year. If so, can you share a few of them with us? If not, why not?

I think I have asked a similar question on my Sunday Poser last year.

Sunday Poser # 6

In this post I explained why I don’t make any new year’s resolutions and what I do instead.

For me, making New Year’s resolutions seems like an exercise in futility. Never have I stuck to these resolutions for more than a few weeks. So why do something you know is going to fail? Besides, at my age there aren’t any goals that I feel I will be able to meet by these resolutions!

The only reason I will take prompt action to make a change in my lifestyle would be a warning from my doctor. He/she may frighten me enough to give up carbs altogether or reduce my weight drastically because I may fall seriously ill.

My modus operandi is to have short term goals. Like walk 10,000 steps a day for a month so that it becomes a habit. Or go to bed at 10;00 pm to keep my sleep app happy. Simple, achievable targets that I can do easily. And if I don’t, I am not downcast or disheartened.

This is what I do. What is the way you approach new year’s resolutions?



51 thoughts on “New year’s resolutions; Yes or no?

  1. I think a resolution is used as a way for people to set themselves up for big lofty ideas that rarely ever work. Smaller ones are the way to go. No I will never make a resolution to go on a diet or lose 900 lbs or whatever other silliness there is. But I will make a resolution to make sure I find myself happier than I was last year because I have complete control over that now – I have no one else to answer to. That is the only one I will make this year (I decided ages ago never to have more than one thing to fail at because of New Years), although others have crossed my mind like “I will get internet this year!” But I figure I’ve gone this long without internet, I can go longer. It’s just something I would prefer to have. Smiling more, is at this point, a must.

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              1. That’s a resolution in itself. A cousin told me that years ago. Said that you’ve made a resolution to not make a resolution that you’re going to break so you can’t break it as long as you don’t bother making any new ones 😂

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  2. I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, but I do have a word for the year. 2021 the word was “release”. Usually, I know what the word will be a couple of weeks before New Year’s Day, but this year I still don’t have a word. Maybe there won’t be a “word” this year. Or maybe, it will come to me on the 31st at midnight, while I watch the fireworks in the city that I can see from my balcony.

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  3. I remember this discussion on your blog well. I’m not a believer in New Years resolutions. I believe we can create change now, in this moment. Plus there’s too much stress with a once a year resolution. I like your perspective, Sadje, make small goals which add to bigger ones. How I operate also.

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    1. Yes Ananya, here is an idea. Make the resolution small and decide where it should fit in your day. For example, “I will read for 10 minutes before I play games.” You will be surprised how fast you get better at reading without it being a challenge.
      All the best and happy 10th birthday!!


  4. Resolutions are great!! It takes me years to fulfill the ones I create. The time is spent on creating a system that fits into my life. Sometimes I look back at the ones never attempted and wonder why I made them in the first place. Keep them small and specific, you’ll be amazed at how useful they are. Though I agree that centering them around December 31st does create pressure.

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