Naughty or Nice kid?

As a young girl, I was very nice, biddable and considerate. I would do as I was told by my father. I have three brothers and growing up, I was a tomboy. I liked climbing trees, playing cricket and hockey better than playing with dolls. But I wouldn’t do anything that I knew was wrong.

But in school, we were a groups of class mates who were quite mischievous. We would be the first ones in there as we arrived by bus. The whole of the school would be empty except for the guards and the kids who arrived in the first trip of the school bus. We would get up to a lot of mischief at those times. Once we were all rocking on an old wooden bench and it just broke. We all fell to the ground with a mighty crash. We didn’t know, but our principal had arrived and saw the incident from her office window. One by one we were all called into her office and got a severe talking to.

In med school, we were a bunch of innocent mischief-makers. We used to laugh a lot at silly jokes, would pull innocent pranks, and probably were known as the giggling girls in our college. We still recall those days when we get together and laugh about them.

I think the one really nice thing that I did was when in grade 5, we had massive floods in our country and lots of people were rendered homeless. I gave away all of my Eidi ( gift money given to us on our religious festival, Eid) to Red Cross for relief efforts. The money though not much from todays perspective, was more than anyone else had given and I was called on stage during the assembly and was given a round of applause.

I was always ready to help my friends with any school work that they were finding difficult. I had a friend who got ill before our final high school exams and asked me to help her with studies. I did that that we both got good grades, though my family kept on telling me that by helping her, I wasn’t leaving myself enough time to study.

Thanks for the wonderful prompt! It was great to revisit the past.

Written for Throwback Thursday # 18, hosted by Lauren and Maggie



49 thoughts on “Naughty or Nice kid?

  1. What wonderful memories, Sadje, and thank you for sharing. I was a tomboy too and loved to climb trees and ride my bike. I played with dolls for a while but had more fun building dollhouses out of cardboard. My mom wanted me to be more girly so she enrolled me in modeling school. The modeling school training turned into a mini-career which I am very grateful for the learning experience.

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    1. Thanks Eugi! Being a fashion model is a wonderful feather in your career crown. I was taught to be more feminine by my friends. The told me to wear jewelry, get matching shoes and bags etc. But I still forget to do so.

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      1. It was a fun gig while it lasted. I enjoyed the extra income and ended up working for the modeling agency teaching promising little beauty queens etiquette and how to walk gracefully. I still have my portfolio and should attempt to scan my photos. To look back at the clothes I wore is priceless!

        You know wearing jewelry and matching shoes and bags don’t make a person, it is whats in their heart. ❤️

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