A garb of white, hiding all my imperfections 

The expressions beatific and smiling

Never would I let the darkness inside me show

My sins beyond the surface, only I know

To the world, I am a saint

In my heart I know I am a sinner

The darkness of my heart and deeds

Is camouflaged by the perfect exterior

Hypocrisy is my trade, I’m worse than evil

For I project what I am not

I hide my sins in a blanket of virtue

Hypocrisy has become acceptable in today’s world. We never think of saying something and doing the opposite as not right! A pause is needed here to re-evaluate our attitudes.

Written for Go dog go Café’s, Tuesday Written Prompt;

Today’s prompt: Use “my sins beyond” in any form of writing



36 thoughts on “Hypocrisy

  1. Yes, Sadje – your words, sadly, ring true! So many people in public office and other spaces, even in my private life, don’t see anything wrong with saying one thing but behaving in the opposite way. Such a moral tragedy for our society! You’ve expressed it well.

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