Do bugs bug you?

There are two type of people in the world. One who aren’t fazed by bugs and the others who are freaked by bugs.

For most types of bugs, I fall in the first category. But bring on flying cockroaches and I’ll scream like a banshee and find the biggest weapon to kill it. I know it is not very rational but it’s how I am.

Another creature that frightens me is a snake. I have no idea which snakes are harmless and which are poisonous so I give them the benefit of doubt and get away from them as quickly as possible. Sometimes that is not possible as the offender is in my territory, like the bathroom. In one of the houses we lived in, the baby snakes would come out of the water drain. To be fair, it was an old house and the sewerage system was very old. I used to freak out and would shout for reinforcement. It usually ended in us killing the poor baby snake.

Some people would label it as heartless. But I had three small kids in the home and wasn’t taking any chances.

What about you?

Do bugs bug you or are you chillax around them?


The photo below is from

For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a little girl with a magnifying glass looking at a bug.

Written for FFFC # 149, hosted by Fandango



66 thoughts on “Do bugs bug you?

  1. Evidently, baby venomous snakes can be just as dangerous as the adults. They don’t inject as much venom when they bite, but it’s concentrated. You did the right thing.

    I don’r necessarily freak when I see bugs, but cockroaches aren’t just bugs, they’re minions of Satan, especially the winged ones (we call them palmetto bugs here). My cats would get hold of a cockroach and chew off its legs until Mary or I saw the poor thing and put it out of its misery. Then the cats would give us the “HEY! We waz playin wif dat!” look…

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    1. Cats really resent it when you take away their toys. We used to get chipmunks in our house, and my grandcats Figaro and Oscar would go crazy over them. One day Figaro had hold of one and wouldn’t let it go, so my husband grabbed him by the scruff and carried him outside and shook him up and down until Figaro couldn’t hold on to the chipmunk any longer. The chipmunk ran away, unharmed, and I would love to know what he told his friends when he got home, and if they believed him.

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  2. Most bugs are ok by me — outside! The ones I hate are the ones who eat plants, vegetables, trees, etc. that I like. I instantly kill tomato worms and tent caterpillars (by drowning.) Inside bugs gotta go. I’ll catch and release them outside if possible, but if I can’t, may they rest in peace. Spiders (small ones) can live inside as I know they will catch anything I don’t.

    Snakes are fine by me, again outside. Never had one get in the house :::knock on wood:::

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    1. We haven’t had a snake in the house either, thank goodness. We’ve had mice, chipmunks, bats, and a flying squirrel, along with all the usual insects and other things with way too many legs, but no snakes. I wonder what my cats would do if we had a snake. I hope I never have to find out.

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  3. 🙂 Truthfully, bugs do not freak me out, Sadje.

    However, it is natural to not want your house overrun by cockroaches (They will wreak havoc if you allow them to multiply).

    In my case, I am not a fan of mosquitoes (They are always on the lookout for my blood and they carry diseases).

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  4. Snakes and bugs are a big no in my book! But my daughter will gently capture any legged (and non-legged) creature that has come into the house and set them outside when she hears me screaming. When she’s not around though, those poor creatures get the boot (literally, my boot or shoe heel)!

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  5. I am so creeped out by bugs. I detest them. I’m sure they have a huge role in the environmental balance and blah blah but doesn’t mean it ahs to be attained inside my house. (shivers ran down my spine as I read this)

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  6. I have similar views about insects. Tiny ones, like ants I don’t mind. Cockroaches get a squeak out of me and spiders larger than a nickel. I have never seen a snake in my house, and hope never to see one! I’ll continue living places where it snows if that’s what it takes…

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  7. Bugs don’t creep me out except for palmetto bugs that fly or large spiders. I have a fear of snakes and long worms. I won’t even look at them on TV/the internet or in a magazine. Fear of snakes is a phobia – Ophidiophobia, which I have been afraid of them since I was a child.

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    1. Sometimes, shoo-ing doesn’t helps and drastic action is called for. Mine is reserved for cockroaches and lizards ( though lizards aren’t bugs, technically)


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