Where did he go?

I knew he had already arrived at the rendezvous point because I could see the luminous footprints leading to the closed door.

It may be a messy way, but I had no other way to keep track of my invisible friend. There was a thin film of luminous paint on the soles of his shoes and now I could see the footsteps leading to our rendezvous point.

I opened the door and groped for the light switch in the darkness. As the room lit up, there was a loud cheer of happy birthday and I could see lots of my friends were gathered there to wish me happy birthday. I was pleasantly surprised, but my eyes kept on trying to find my invisible friend. I couldn’t see him among the crowd.

Where did he go?

Did he thought that I didn’t need him now that I had so many visible friends there?


Written for FSS # 25 , hosted by Fandango



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