Living with nature

Man in his arrogance and ignorance thinks that he has the right to overtake all the resources of the planet they live on.

Deforestation and plundering of water resources have brought us to the brink of severe water shortages and drastic climate change. Who are we kidding, the climate change is already here and is having a huge impact on the population worldwide.

It’s time to try to live with nature with all its glory and beauty. Instead of cutting down dozens of trees to construct your palace, build your home around a tree. Let its branches be the beams that support your ceiling. Let the trunk provide support for the stairwell and let the green oxygen-providing leaves grow in your rooms.

The only issue I can see would be that the insects, birds, and small critters that normally inhabit the tree. They may feel resentful at being displaced from their natural habitat. You can always offer them a place in your homes!

Are you ready for this challenge?

See, someone has already shown you that it can be done!

Written for RXC, hosted by Reena



47 thoughts on “Living with nature

  1. Great idea but highly impractical. Trees shouldn’t be restricted within the bounds of a house. As it grows it will suffer wounds which will eventually lead to it’s death. ( Yes I’m feeling highly aggravated this morning)

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  2. That’s a no from me. Not only does the tree suffer but one day it will drop a branch or two wrecking the house. Looks pretty and has a wow factor but not for me. Trees need to run free 😂

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  3. I agree with what others have said, a house is not that practical as a casing for a natural tree. but there are ways to improve sustainability. Trees have a life of their own and again not to be hampered nor hindered by our greed and enthusiasm to keep damaging.

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      1. Hey Sadje, yes there are. I know here in the UK there are two types of tree house – style 1 like the one you have displayed and type 2 which is built in the surround of tree but not in them if that makes sense. More like a tree village.

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    1. Yes, that’s good for thought. Not very practical for living this one. But I’ve seen where people have used trees in a way that would be of advantage to both the tree and humans


  4. I like your thought for the organisms who live on the tree. There are branches protruding outside the house, but they would take time getting used. Families may welcome birds, but not insects. We are wired that way.

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