Reblog; A romantic poem to celebrate Christmas from Mich; MY CHRISTMAS MAGIC — michnavs

“I don’t wanna wait for Decemberbecause every day with you is Christmasyou are my Christmas magic.” Every day with you is new and exciting and mysterious. There is color everywhere red, green, gold, the world is eye candy. Love, passion, and romance, and there are aplenty everywhere. Couple this with decorations like snowflakes and glittery […]


6 thoughts on “Reblog; A romantic poem to celebrate Christmas from Mich; MY CHRISTMAS MAGIC — michnavs

  1. Assume this if not interested.

    I don’t know if you mind working on other website as a contributor or something, I am interested working with you as you post some of your artistic romantic poems or explicit poems to our site, if interested email me at with the mail we will use to add you to our site.
    All the credits will be yours and link redirecting readers to your site will also be recommended.
    Have a Prosperous new year, as you work to reach even more people with your talented writings.

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    1. Thank you Dr Qwufua. I don’t write romantic poetry and this poem was written by another blogger. Thanks for your offer but at this moment, I don’t have time to take on this commitment.


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