Friends- Past and present

This post reminds me how lucky I’ve been in finding good friends all my life.

My father was in the civil service of Pakistan and we didn’t stay too long in one place in my early childhood. So till grade 3, we had lived in four cities already. By the time I was in grade 3, my father got posted to Islamabad and we stayed here till I completed my high school and moved to Lahore to join med school.

The girls I was studying with in primary and secondary school are still in touch with me. Some of them were/are casual acquaintances while a couple of them are so close to me, like my sisters.

Then there is a group of friends with whom I shared a room in the med school hostel. We spend 4 years living together in a hostel room and it strengthened our bond to the degree that we stopped being just friends but became family. There are times, when we don’t talk to each other for months but when we do, it’s like we are picking up a conversation we were having just yesterday. I consider this friendship as kinship. With them, I forget that I have no sister.

I have another set of friends that I made quite recently, that’s like last 18-20 years. these lovely ladies were my neighbors. We met through the neighboring network, called kitty/ committee party. It’s a thing in my country that people ( mostly women) meet up once a month and each of them gives a fixed amount, all this amount is then handed over to the person who’s name is drawn from the lot. You can say that it is a way of socializing and saving money. So these friends are my mature age friends and I connected to them because I found things common between us. Our way of thinking was similar and so were our values. I talk to them almost weekly, if not more and we share our joys and troubles.

And lastly there is a group of friends that I made when I was introduced to the wives of my husband’s friends. Some, like Dr Tanya become good friends while others are acquaintances. I connected with Tanya on a lot of levels. We both are from medical field, both love to read( and our tastes in literature are similar too) and now we both blog on the same platform.

Indeed, I am very lucky in finding great friends.

Written for Throwback Thursday- Friendships hosted by Maggie and Lauren



29 thoughts on “Friends- Past and present

  1. You sound to have had a wonderful life Sadje and very blessed. I have had friends along the way, but different ones. College ones, University ones, work ones. But not the same ones. Many died. We too moved around a lot, so I know what that is like. It is so good to have good friends.

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    1. Thanks Lauren. That’s an important point you made about shared memories. When we start talking about old times we can go on and on. I’m lucky that I found these amazing friends.

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