My 5 favorite weekday breakfasts

This week Tanya asks us to list our favorite 5 every day breakfasts

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Peanut butter and banana sandwich ;

Toasted bread with peanut butter spread and sliced bananas make the perfect breakfast. It’s both nutritious and filling. And I like it too.

Croissant with coffee;

Croissant warmed up spread with a bit of jam and butter and a mug of hot coffee makes a breakfast that’s super tasty. But I can’t have it every day because the croissants are high in carbs and not good for me.


Love to eat leftover naan from the night before. I toast it in the toaster and have it with cream and jam. This also is an occasional indulgence as it is very carby.

Chicken muffin;

Sometimes when I am up early, I order a chicken muffin from McDonald’s with hash brown and coffee. It’s strictly not a workday breakfast but it’s also an occasional indulgence.

Cheese sandwich;

Simple and convenient, two slices of multigrain bread, a dab of butter and a slice of cheese makes this the obvious choice on busy days.

Written for Tanya’s 5 things Tuesday



51 thoughts on “My 5 favorite weekday breakfasts

  1. I miss out on some of the delicious things you eat for breakfast. I am allergic to bananas and peanuts. Once in a while, I have peanut butter on toast but I have it frequently, I get internal hives. Sigh. My breakfast staple is Cheerios with no sugar and 2% milk or scrambled eggs with dark rye toast.

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