Celebrating the festive season

“The holiday season is about love! Share it. Spread it. Live it”

Amy Leigh Mercree

Unfortunately, the holiday season or festive season in any culture or country is now mostly about spending money. Money buying expensive gifts which leaves both the recipient and the one giving them mostly dissatisfied.

If instead we would be kind and spread love to those around us, family or friends or just strangers, we would be happier.

“Festivals are occasions to empower ourselves in the course of humanity – they are the occasions to rekindle the promise of humanity in our heart – the promise that we keep forgetting in the cacophony of manmade labels”

Abhijit Naskar,

It is Eid or Christmas 
Hanukkah Or Diwali
An occasion to celebrate
Don’t just celebrate alone
Include all those around you
Be more humane, be kinder
Celebrate humanity
Spread the message
Of love

We often pay lip service 
Empty words that carry no significance
Just wishing each other a happy holiday
Without entering into the spirit of giving
Include the excluded, love the unloved
Do something that makes a difference
Actually and really


I realize that all my quotes essentially say the same thing this week. I wanted to share them because despite us spending millions or perhaps billions every holiday season, the level of happiness goes down. Maybe it’s time to not give material things but just spread kindness and joy. Make others feel included and erase divisions.

WQWWC # – Topic: Festive Celebrating

Written in response to WQWWC, hosted by Marsha



39 thoughts on “Celebrating the festive season

  1. You know, Sadje, I wish that holidays had no individual gift giving, but instead we had community gatherings to get to know our neighbors at more than a passing hello level. I’m tired of being guilted by retailers to spend spend spend! I’m sorry if they will have a bad season if I don’t, but I’m tired of the chaos and drama of holiday season.

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    1. Yes, Li I agree with you that gift giving has reached an unrealistic proportion, both from the recipients and the sellers. Most of these gifts are not appreciated anyway. Loved and kindness would do wonders for our communities.

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  2. The last quote makes me think, Sadje. What can I do as a blogger that will mean more than saying Happy Holidays? WOW. I don’t know the answer to that. Love your post, my friend. Thanks for always making me think. 🙂

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