Blogging needs a backbone!

This week Dr. Tanya has asked our opinion about this quote in regards to Blogging.

To thrive in life quote

To thrive in life you need three bones. A wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone.


I think to thrive in life we do need a strong backbone. And of course, having a good sense of humor can save us in many situations in life. And we do need a bit of luck now and then to make things click together.

Same is true for blogging.

Not everyone needs these qualities because we all blog for different reasons. If a person blogs to randomly record their thoughts, work through their issues or just to get a bit of writing practice, they don’t need any of the three qualities.

But for a serious blogger, all these are a requirement, perhaps luck not that much, but determination and humor are necessary to make something of their blog.

Starting a blog is easy, anyone can do it. To persevere in blogging you need determination. I think it’s the most needed quality one needs to have. To succeed, you have to be consistent in your posting schedule. Putting aside some time to create a post and publishing it according to the schedule you have set for yourself is important.

A sense of humor is needed when problems raise their heads. Problems like glitches in the platform you’re using, or the technical difficulties that are a part and parcel of blogging process. Sometimes you also need a sense of humor to rescue you from unpleasant comments people can leave on your posts.

And to find your place in the blogging community, you need a bit of luck. If your posts are being read by like-minded people, you’ll generate more interaction regarding your blog.

To sum it up, determination is what gets your blog going, a sense of humor will help you stay here and luck will have you connecting with your sort of people.

Thanks, Tanya for this thought provoking quote.

Written for Blogging Insights NF # 21, hosted by Tanya




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