How was 2021?

2021 is almost over. Another 3 weeks to go and then it’ll be time to welcome 2022!

We are invited to share how we did this year that’s ending. Although I cannot say that something spectacular happened this year, the mere fact that nothing bad happened is wonderful news to share.

I think as the clock is moving on the time the pandemic has been here, most people are learning to accept it as a part of their lives for some time to come. Wearing masks, getting booster shots, and avoiding congested venues are becoming second nature for many. It’s the case for me and my family.

Thankfully we all have stayed healthy and Covid free since it became a part of our lives. In fact, I personally have fallen less sick of flu, etc because of wearing a mask whenever I’m out of my home.

I recently celebrated my 60th birthday, and I consider it a big thing. And I bought a fancy camera as a birthday gift.

I hope you all stay safe and healthy and the new year would be better for us all, Amen.

Take care my friends and stay healthy.


Today’s Tuesday Writing prompt: For this Tuesday, I just want to see how everyone’s doing. If you’re doing great, let’s hear about it. Success should be shared! If you’re not, and want to talk about it, drop it in the comments and let’s share some positivity.



39 thoughts on “How was 2021?

  1. Happy belated birthday my friend. 60 is a big deal. I have been asked if I would like a celebration for my 70th in a few years. My first response was no. But now, I’m thinking maybe it would be a good idea. I’ve never had a real PARTY for my birthday. G-d willing the pandemic will be endemic and a select vaccinated few could join me to celebrate.

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    1. Thanks a lot Lauren. I wanted to have a party for my 60th birthday but it was in the middle of the week and half of my family are in Lahore. Perhaps we both will celebrate our 70th birthday with gusto.

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  2. 2021 was a great year because learning new things is always better than teaching. I am not a good learner by the way, so it’s good to be in this role for a while. So, yes, every day in every way I am getting better and better 🙂

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