My heritage

For her second writing Prompt, Ebar asks;

What lessons do you appreciate learning from your parents?


After my mother passed away when I was around 6, my father was the one who brought me up, along with my siblings.

He was a very gentle and thoughtful man. Very kind to everyone around him, and specially kind to his family. He was a dutiful son, a caring brother, and a wonderful father. He was strict but never harsh. All these character traits were transferred into his children, not by verbalization but by setting a good example.

He taught me my life values. Taught me to have confidence in myself and to be proud of my achievements. He trusted me and my decisions so I learned to trust myself. The biggest gift he gave me was my value system. My faith and my moral values are my biggest assets in life and this is my inheritance that my father left me. He died 18 years ago but his values live in his children.

I think this is a wonderful way to live after dying.


My parents ( May they both Rest In Peace) with their three children. I’m the chubby one in the front

Ebar’s 2nd writing prompt;



65 thoughts on “My heritage

  1. What a beautiful post and beautiful family. ❤️ I love this, “not by verbalization but by setting a good example.” I appreciate this distinction so much. It really always matters most what we do in action in life that has the most impact. Lovely post, Sadje.

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  2. I’m sorry for the loss of both your parents. My husband had to take an ethics course this week for CE. He said he realized we may not agree with a lot of things our children believe in, but they have good values and ethics. That’s the most important thing.

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  3. What an inheritance they’ve left behind for you. Your father was truly a great man 🙏 It’s very sad that your mother did not stay with you very long. May they both rest in eternal peace. 🙏🤍
    They’ve left behind strong value systems for you, which is very apparent in the profound wisdom and thoughts you share in your blog.
    Your family is beautiful and awww what a cuute, sweet little kid you were 😍😍 So chubby chubby (Baby fat is the cutest thing in the world! ❤️). Black and white photos are 💖

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  4. Our stores are somewhat similar I believe. My mother died just after I turned 5 and my dad raised me pretty much alone till he remarried when I was 10. That relationship left much to be desired.

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