If I am being honest about “ Likes”

Frank, the PC guy asks;

My question to you this week is, exactly how important are likes to you on your blog, and how do you determine if you are going to click like on other bloggers’ posts?


I have read so many posts and comments about the “Likebutton. Frankly, and honestly, it doesn’t make much of a difference to me when I get a lot of likes on my posts or a few. I know that out of the so-called 4500+ followers of my blog, a mere 2-3% of people actually read and interact with me on my blog.

A like is the first indication that someone was here. They might or might not have read the post. The really important indicator is a comment. Though not everyone who had read a post will comment. Most feel that they don’t have anything to add to previous comments. Some are too busy and others may not find themselves in full agreement with the post but are being polite.

When do I click the like button?

I like and read all the posts from my favorite bloggers, who I consider my friends. Sometimes I don’t click the like button because the post is not what I agree with. Or am comfortable with it. And sometimes I do click the like button because I am short of time and want to show the blogger that I was here.



74 thoughts on “If I am being honest about “ Likes”

  1. I agree with you that clicking the like button is evidence that the post was visited. I am seeing quite a few post on this topic across social media so it must be a burning question out there in blogsphere.
    I invest time in reading all post that I click like to. However, as you said if the comments already reflect what I have to say, I don’t always comment. I suspect the same is done by followers to my blog.
    Great responses Sadje. Thank you.

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  2. Same here. I don’t have a problem with likes… sometimes we want to acknowledge the writing but have nothing to say. Of course there are those randos who like 20 posts in a row, but that’s pretty obvious. I ignore them!

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  3. I often have likes on my post a from people I have never interacted with so I pay very little credence to those. Likes from bloggers I know mean they were there, they scanned, or just did not have an opinion or time to comment. It is more like someone saying ”I see you”. I do not pay much attention on a daily basis to the number of likes. I appreciate any time someone likes or comments on my blog.

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  4. Twenty years ago, we wouldn’t even be wondering about ‘likes’. Is it just the adaptation of the modern day lexicon? But we sure do spend a lot of time thinking about it, this simple fact makes it relevant, doesn’t it. It does come down to acceptance by the world at large, whether we want to admit it or not. In the end, i ‘like’, if i like.

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  5. Feel the same way, Sadje. Many times I don’t have time to comment but just want to show I’ve read. I never click like without reading though. You never know what you might be “liking” 😂 😆

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    1. Thanks Cyn! It is all in how you look at it. Some people are disturbed by the mere likes when no comments follow, others are only concerned with meaningful comments and give no importance to likes. Like you, I appreciate both.

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  6. The “likes” for me are just indicators that someone “dropped by.” Even people that comment often prove by their comments that they didn’t read much past the headline and the first couple of sentences. Out of the suppose 15,000 followers, I’m sure fewer than 1% are active readers.

    I often find I have more readers than I think I have — and most of them are not signed up as followers and never comment, so who knows who reads us? I’m not sure if the statistics — from likes to comments to followers — really mean much.

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    1. No the stats don’t mean much if you’re not looking for validation from your followers. They may see the blog one day and then nothing for ages. Meaningful comments are a different story altogether.


  7. I am the exact same as you have described yourself. I am not bothered either way, I only like what I have read . I comment if I can add a comment. I try to add comments to my fav bloggers, or others because I feel that it is nice for the blogger and just means something. But sometimes I don’t know what to say, then my comment might be a bit simple. But I try to like and comment. Or just like if there are no thoughts to comment on. I don’t like everything.

    But I am not bothered either way with my blog and likes. It is always lovely to get comments. But everyone us super busy. So I take a like as a thank and as a mark of support. Sure here are are likes and they haven’t read, but it is okay. -I just take it as their kind support.

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  8. I will “like” a post if I like it. I don’t always comment with it, though. Sometimes it is a time issue, or I have nothing to add. I will not “like” something I have not read or do not agree with.

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  9. I have certainly toned down my comments recently in an attempt to catch up again, but I always read posts and like ones I enjoy… which if I am following a blogger chances are I will like their work or I wouldn’t follow them in the first place.

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  10. I agree with your take here, Sadje. I comment as much as possible, yet do not have the time to comment on every blog post of every blogger, every time, so sometimes I just click like so they know I was there.

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  11. When I started my new blog I made a conscious decision that if I follow someone I read all their blogs. This often takes a couple of hours each day. I will also try to comment constructively. Sometimes though, my brain is mush and what I comment probably doesn’t make sense. I’ve also noticed that some bloggers don’t like you to comment. So in my opinion likes are traffic, comments are interaction

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  12. Some people do not want to engage with others, so they leave no comments but likes. Some feel what they wanted to say has already been said by others in the comments section, so they just click like. Some follow so many bloggers that they cannot spare time to comment, so they leave likes. Some look at all the posts in their Reader and click like without reading. And YET there are those who like others comments on others sites!
    I only click like after reading. Even of I don’t agree, I click like to let them know I read their post. If my comment receives just a like, then in future I don’t leave comments but just a like.
    I guess different things work for different people. And you are right, barely 2-3% followers leave comments.

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    1. Your analysis is spot on Punam. Likes are mostly acknowledging the post. While comment generate real engagement, but not everyone wants to comment. Thanks


  13. Interesting points Sadje.

    My thoughts

    1.’Like’ button is the ‘Dopamine kick’ irrespective of the reader reading or not reading our posts.

    2. Comments from readers takes us to happiness peak. We are glad that somebody just not read our post but also responded in the form of comment.

    3. Number of follows-
    This is just an illusion… that so and so has this many or that many followers.
    The number of follows is irrelevant as long as they don’t represent in the form of ‘likes’ or ‘ comments’.

    4. Worst things in the form of comments can occur, if the reader misunderstands what we meant in our posts and lamblasts us.

    Thank you

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      1. Well said Sadje.
        I know a few blogs where the authour never responds to the comments since the comments are more than 300.
        But is not the author supposed to show respect to the commentators by atleast acknowledging by a ‘simple ‘ thank you’.
        I mean basic ‘etiquitte’
        This puzzles me🤔🤔

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    1. Thanks! Actually, clicking the like button means different things to different people. Some do it as acknowledgment, some really like the post and others to grab your attention by clicking on 20 post in as many seconds.


  14. If I choose to like something it’s because, unlike facebookies and the Twitter likes that flood our news reel’s, these are people who took to thinking and creating, whether it be words, art, or opinion. That’s why those likes are there on my behalf. Just saying.

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  15. I will click like when I have finished reading their post. Including your post about this like. I click like because I really like what you wrote. As soon as I click like what I do to other blogger friends.

    I think the like button pays a little bit of respect to what they have written and presented to blog visitors. When I can’t give anything else, like money, for example. Then like more than money.

    About comments. I will comment if the post deserves more appreciation and they want it too. It could be input, ideas and other constructive criticism.

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  16. Overall, I think receiving a like still sends the message that your posts was noticed, even for just a second, which is fine. I agree that comments are much more valuable than likes, but then again I irrationally tend to focus on numbers quite a bit.

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