Enjoying Art

As a teenager, I fancied myself as an artist. I could copy drawings and pictures quite well and was good with pencils, both charcoal and colored. I would draw nice flowers on the sides of the letters and cards I used to send to my family and friends.

Later on with studies and then family life, I never found time or inclination to indulge in this pastime.

None of my kids showed any exceptional talent for art. My 11 year old grandson has shown a lot of promise in this field.

These drawings are from a couple of years back.

In Seattle, he was going to arts camps and learning 3D drawings too. Now like other kids, he is either busy with studies or is playing games on his X-box. No time for art.

I never developed true appreciation for fine art like paintings and sculptures. I do admire the beauty created by famous artists but never had the desire to own it. I guess I’m a simple minded philistine.

I do like pretty photos, drawings of flowers and birds. What I was quite obsessed with a few years ago were flower arrangements. Not real flowers, but artificial ones. Those that never wilt or die. In my home in Lahore, I have a vase of artificial flowers in most rooms.

Thanks Lauren and Maggie for these wonderful nostalgic prompts.



Written for Throwback Thursday # 16, hosted by Lauren this week.

68 thoughts on “Enjoying Art

  1. Your grandson has indeed shown some talent, Sadje. I love beautifully arranged flowers. Two years ago hubby and I took a class in Japanese kadomatsu arrangements – they are intended to bring good luck in the coming year. Arranging flowers is not my strong suit but I certainly appreciate them! Thanks for sharing with us again this week.

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  2. I love those flower arrangements, Sadje. Just beautiful. Your grandson’s art shows so much promise. Who knows? One day he might leave the Xbox for the paint box! Some seeds lie dormant for a time.

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  3. Your grandson does show talent in his drawings. Maybe he will get back to it one day. Your flowers are lovely. I know they add to the ambiance of your home. I have some artificial flower arrangements I have done. I like seeing the color and gracefulness in them. I change them with the seasons. I also have a wreath or basket on my door that I change with the seasons.

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    1. Thanks a lot Patricia. I am happy with my artificial flowers as they stay fresh the year around. In fact it’s something I like to shop for as it adds color to the room. I like your idea of changing them with season.


  4. All beautiful. Your grandsons artwork is wonderful. Maybe he will pick it back up in the future. Lovely flower arrangements. I love flowers, both real and the fake ones. 🌼🌺🌹 Thanks for sharing, Sadje.

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