Guide in six sentences


She held the small hand in a gentle but firm grip and guided its progress on the paper.

The result was a large and unwieldy letter, but it was recognizable as the letter A and Jeremy was ecstatic that he had written it “all by himself”.

Martha hid her smile and agreed with him that it was a wonderful effort and in no time at all he would be breezing through the entire alphabets with no trouble at all.

Martha considered herself a guide to these little ones, teaching them their first letters, numbers and guiding not only their little fingers and hands but also their young minds.

She became a kindergarten teacher because of a kind and gentle woman, Mrs. Cooper who had taught her what it was to experience loving touch of a teacher who genuinely wanted to teach and guide a young mind.

A love and attention that her mother failed to provide for her.


Written in response to 6 Sentences Story hosted by girlie on the edge’s blog



45 thoughts on “Guide in six sentences

  1. Early education is so much more than memorizing math tables or dissecting sentences (do they still teach that? lol). The early years, with good teachers, lay a foundation that often, as your Six illustrates Sadje, involves more than simple school curriculum.

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    1. Thanks a lot Denise. It is I think the most important part of education. Here they either end up loving school or hating it. And Btw, I don’t think tables are a part of math anymore. 😂

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