Revenge is sweet?

He realized that she had made a fool of him when he opened the drawer and found that it was empty. He searched around but he knew that he was taken in again.

He closed the drawer shut with a loud bang, only to hear his mom shout at him to be careful. It just made him madder. He turned his angry brain towards thoughts of revenge. He was too gullible and Cindy was too good at making him believe her lies.

He gave a low cackle. He had hit upon the perfect revenge. He told mom that he was going out to play with Justin. When he came home in the evening, he had to take care of something.

After dinner, he told Cindy something in a whisper. Cindy’s eyes dilated with excitement and a huge smile broke on her face. She rushed to her room. Moments later they could hear Cindy’s shrieks. Mom rushed to her room to see what calamity had befallen her. Henry started to slowly move towards the back door when a word from his dad stopped him. Where are you going? Henry had to come and sit back but he was very uncomfortable. Mom came into the family room with a subdued Cindy in tow.

Why did you put a lot of earthworms in Cindy’s dresser?” Mom asked angrily.

“Because she told me that there was a magical pen in my drawer that can answer any question. It was a lie so I had to take revenge!” Henry said defiantly.

“You also told a lie when you told there was a wonderful surprise for her in her dresser drawer” Mom said, though she didn’t sound as angry as before.

“It wasn’t a lie! Earthworms are wonderful creatures. They decompose the dead things in the soil to make it fertile. We read in school today”

Both the children were told to stop playing tricks on each other. Though there was little chance of that happening.

Written in response to FSS # 23, hosted by Fandango



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