Things that fascinate me

I think I’ll start the narrative from the days when I was around 6.

I used to be fascinated by the words adults spoke, taking them literally. When my mom died, I was told she has gone to heaven, heaven being implied was in the sky. I wanted to get a ladder long enough to go up to the sky and meet her. This took up a lot of my thinking time and I was 6 at the time.

Growing up, we weren’t exposed to many fascinating things till computers were invented. I was a young mom with three school-going kids when we got our first PC. I was so fascinated by the modem connection. The idea that I can send and receive emails to anyone around the world through this was amazing. The twittering sounds when we were getting connected were a part of that charm.

Human beings become used to new things very quickly and the same twittering, chirping sounds became irritating in a little while and then we progressed to WiFi, wireless connectivity, and mobile devices which were mini-computers. This new technology held my fascination for a while till that too became passé.

We have so much exposure to new tech that nothing now amazes me. But humans still amaze me.

The fact that we all are unique, no two people are exactly alike never fails to amaze me. Even twins, the identical ones are different from each other. We aren’t the same as our parents, siblings, or children. We all have a different way of thinking, doing things, and existing.

So all said and done, I think I’ll never lose my fascination with my fellow human beings and of course my immense appreciation of the Creator who has created us!

This week’s prompt is: Fascinating Things from Maggie as a part of Throwback Thursday # 15



40 thoughts on “Things that fascinate me

  1. I remember the thoughts I had when my grandfather died. It was so hard to reconcile in my mind. It must have been hard to lose your mother at such a tender age. 💕 Our first computer was a Commodore 64 and it did not have a modem or any email capability. My children had a drawing pad (it was called a Koala pad I think) and software they could use to write their own story books. Technology is amazing, but as you said, we adapt rather quickly now. Thank you for writing again this week, Sadje.

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    1. Technology is growing at a rapid rate. We are hardly keeping up. And add to it the futuristic shows and movies have made us so blasé that we aren’t surprised by newer developments anymore!

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