The color of a winter’s day

You ask me to describe the color of a wintry day
I’ll tell you it’s golden, glowing with warm sunshine
It warms the insides with its generous sharing of heat
Sitting out in the afternoon sun, braving the cold wind

Here you find the extraordinary in the ordinary
Just to see the winter driven away by slanting sun rays

You might think winter days are blue or grey, drab
But have you experienced the joy a crackling fire brings
When you shut the door on sleet and snow outside
And extend your hands towards that warmth
And it warms your insides just like the golden sun does


Written for; Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – Winter’s Day hosted by Sue W and GC

“The colour of springtime is in the flowers; the colour of winter is in the imagination.” Terri Guillemets.

This weekend is our monthly Colour challenge, and for December, partner GC and I ask the question… what colour is a winter’s day?

Also included; RDP; The extraordinary in the ordinary”.




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