Something fishy here

This week Fandango asks us;

In your opinion, is it better to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond? Or perhaps a big fish in a big pond? Why do you feel that way?

Humans love to feel important. They would like to be a big fish, irrespective of the size of the pond. It is an inherent desire in us all to boost our ego and make us feel that we have a value that not everyone else has. But not everyone is obsessed with this desire.

Some like to live low-key lives, doing their thing in a somewhat obscure environment, not craving limelight or fame. They would be happy to be a small fish in a big pond, blending in and not standing out.

I am not a fame-hungry person. I shy away from the limelight and when I was forced into it due to the official position my husband was holding at the time, I was very uncomfortable. But having said that, I would like to be acknowledged for my contribution to the lives of my family and friends. Does it sound narcissistic?

Let me explain.

In my family and circle of close friends, I am the unofficial doctor ( having had 4 years of med school under my belt) so they all ask my advice when they have a situation requiring medical attention. And I am able to give them good advice. When they need to see a doctor, and when it’s something which can be treated at home. So when they say that I’m their medical advisor, I feel happy and accomplished.

I guess, in my small pond of close friends and family I would like to be a big fish!

In response to FPQ # 160 hosted by Fandango



45 thoughts on “Something fishy here

  1. You have earned the right to feel proud of your knowledge and skill, so no narcissism involved IMO. It seems to me that you’ve found your ‘niche’ in life and so few are able to claim that, that when it occurs it is a cause for celebration. Wonderful post! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much my dear friend. You’re very kind. I do feel useful, if nothing else. And I don’t mind the late night phone calls either! πŸ˜€


  2. I fix computers or I did, though these days they’ve changed the interface so much I don’t understand them as well as I did. But I get it. The problem is as we get older, we become UN-important. Age seems to do that to everyone — unless you’re Mel Brooks. At 95, he’s making a new show! I’m just trying to keep limping around.

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    1. I did try in the beginning but my circumstances were against it. If it was not one thing, it was another. I finally made peace with this decision and now I’ve no regrets.

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