Revive or reverse

Fashion is cyclic. Every other decade, it is recycled. Big brows have made a comeback and so have bootleg jeans/ trousers.

The point is should a trend be revived or reversed? Something from past, if attractive, should be revived. But if it’s just obnoxious or ugly, let it rest in the past, don’t bring it back to torture good taste. Perish the thought, reverse your ideas and let it be!

In the same way, revive the trend of good behavior, courtesy, honesty, and politeness. Things that need a reversal are apathy, racism, and division in society. We can improve our society with a bit of hard work and by doing what is right as opposed to doing what is popular!

Written for Linda’s SoCS prompt;

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “rev.”Use “rev” or find a word that contains it. Have fun!“



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