A warning

When I looked inside, I saw no sign of life whatsoever, except for a wilted leaf, probably dying too. The cave was empty and dark. But inexplicably, I felt a presence. It wasn’t a human I was sure.

I walked a little distance into the cave lightening my way by the torch I had in my backpack. There was a little glow farther on. I followed it and saw that the cave had widened and now was more like a high ceilinged room. The glow was coming from an opening at the top which showed the evening sky.

Something touched my cheek. It was a slight touch. I swung my torch towards it. The beam illuminated a shadowy form. A ghostly apparition, that looked like it wanted to communicate with me. I concentrated on it. It pointed towards the hole in the ceiling. There I saw more of its kind hovering in mid-air. Now a fear clutched at my heart. Was this the end?

In my head I heard a warning though no words were spoken.

Mend your ways human. What you see now will be your future too if you don’t stop killing the life that is entrusted to your care. We are watching your every move. Be very careful “

Then I found myself outside the cave. I rushed over to my team. They were busy planning the next day’s agenda. I told them that the felling of trees will stop for now. We will resume it after going over the plans of the new housing project again. Maybe we can have the housing colony in a way as to let the trees stand.


Written for FSS, hosted by Fandango



41 thoughts on “A warning

  1. Love trees and we were devastated when we left in 2014 at the desecration the forestry commission were carrying out in our favoured woods. I am pleased to say that after 7 years, there are new saplings and the forest is recovering. It was extremely weird walking through a forest and there was no birdsong whatsoever because of Man’s destruction. Thankfully, that has all changed now.

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