My reluctant footsteps….

On entering the tunnel my heartbeat went into an overdrive

The boom boom echoed in my eardrums rendering me slightly deaf

Sweat drip from my pores as my claustrophobia takes charge

I don’t want to go forward but there’s no other option

This is the only way………

The way to exit this maze of bewilderment

This passage is narrow, obstructive, and limiting

My reluctant footsteps seek to find the desired destination

I fight with my instinct to turn back and cede defeat

But fight I must as this is the only way

To find the light that resides at the end of the tunnel

Written in response to;

RXC PROMPT #210 hosted by Reena

“On entering a tunnel…..”



94 thoughts on “My reluctant footsteps….

  1. My parents used to drive from New York to Wisconsin every year so my mom could visit with her parents. We took the Pensylvania Turnpike which had many tunnels cut through the mountains and I always enjoyed driving through the, but it was equally fun seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

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