My first story in six sentences- Friendship

Written in response to a prompt by Girlie on the edge’s blog


People thought that she was proud, and haughty as she kept to herself and didn’t mingle with other kids in her class.

If only they knew how Eliza felt!

Due to her father’s job, they changed their station every two years and she was always sad when she left her old friends behind.

This time she had decided to not make any friends, for their loss was not something she wanted to go through again.

And she might have kept her resolve if Mandy hadn’t broken through her reserve.

It proved to a wonderful friendship as they remained friends even after Eliza’s family moved to a new city.




56 thoughts on “My first story in six sentences- Friendship

  1. Such a challenge for children whose families move around a lot, not being able to put down roots. Every 2 years is pretty often, it’s no wonder Eliza opted to forego friendship now to avoid the pain of it’s loss later on. She was lucky there was one person willing to reach out, persist in trying to be friends. You never know if a childhood friend might one day turn out to be one of your lifelong friends, like Mandy was for Eliza.

    Welcome to Six Sentence Stories, Sadje 🙂
    Don’t forget to link your Six at yesterdays post at GirlieOnTheEdge! Everyone will want to read it 😀

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    1. I had a similar childhood because my father was working for the government. It was only when we stayed in Islamabad for 6 years that I made friends. Friends which are my lifelong friends now. Thanks a lot for your encouraging words! I will do so.

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  2. Such a heartening story, Sadje! The friends that stay with us across the miles and across the years may be few, but they are very special.

    So pleased that you’ve joined our happy band of ‘Sixerians’! 😁

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  3. very insightful Six* many of us, I’d venture, identify with Eliza

    And welcome to the Six Sentence Story ‘hop.
    There is a remarkable sense of community shared here each week. Good to have you.

    (And, as we’re sure you’ll come to discover, some of our company have a certain rambunctious streak. Not a major surprise as that is not uncommon in a group of creative people. Won’t mention any names. That said, Denise our host is far too nice a moderator to single out any one (or three) I thinking a couple of crazy-skillful serialist who’s name(s) rhyme with ‘Chris’ and ‘Ford’…. not to mention D.Avery. But I’ve said too much! Just between us, ok?)


    * the best kind!

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    1. Thank you so much Clark for your gracious welcome. I’ll try to visit the new people that I haven’t read yet. Some of them are very familiar already.


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