Things that are forgotten

This week we are asked to use Forgotten as our prompt in the light of quotes.

“The richness of life lies in memories we have forgotten”

Cesare Pavese

My life is enriched with events past and present 
What happened yesterday or many days, years ago
May not all be present in my memory vividly
But it all contributes towards what my mind has matured into
Past experience color my vision from obscurity
What I have forgotten, lies in my subconscious, guiding my thoughts

How many times you’ve thought to yourself; “This is very important and I won’t forget it” only to completely forget it little while later!

There are tricks to remember things by associating them with other things/ items that we know or see around us. Memory can be notoriously faulty and unreliable, specially when we need it the most. I find it most useful to write important information down. The only drawback is that I forget where!

Memories of things unpleasant 
Hurtful and damaging linger on
At the slightest provocation
They raise their ugly heads to taunt us
It needs a strong will to let go of them
To forget what opens the wounds we are trying to heal
Leave those memories in the past, where they belong

Written for;

WQWWC #49 – Topic: Forgotten, hosted by Marsha



48 thoughts on “Things that are forgotten

  1. I do that all the time – think I will never forget that and forget it almost instantly. Then I think, “I know I’m forgetting something. I just spent the whole morning and part of the night trying to remember which bloggers I talked about doing an interview on my blog. LOL. I figured it out, but sent an email to the wrong person in the process. Having a good memory is not a blessing because in reality you only THINK you have a good memory. Better to write things down! 🙂 Love this post, Sadje.

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  2. There have been a few times when I say to myself I want to remember – and actually do.
    I think though there are some good ways to release those things we believe have had negative impacts.
    Though everything, even small dark bits, make us the ‘whole’ that we are. 🙂

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