Sharing my world, squirrel edition- 2

Melanie, our host of SYW has some new fun questions for us in collaboration with the amazing Evil Squirrel and his band of merry shelf critters.


If you had the power to strike one person in your life permanently speechless, who would it be? (Real names aren’t necessary, vague descriptions are fine… and yes, this is being asked in fun and not to be mean)

My choice is obvious!

I would strike MR DT speechless permanently! And if I have any more of that special power left, I’d strike all politicians semi-dumb. They can only say the truth. And that would practically leave them permanently dumb because who has heard of a politician who says what’s true.

If you could relive your childhood over again, what’s one thing from this modern world today you’d want to take back with you?

What a tempting offer! I think I’ll take a laptop connected to internet back to my school days. I would Google all the information for which I had to spend hours in the library. I’d be a know it all!

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple are the standard colors of the rainbow.
Name something you love (or greatly admire/appreciate) for all six major colors of the rainbow! (Sorry indigo, you’re just blue-purple. Hot pink? You’re too flashy!)

Red; Strawberries

Orange; Oranges

Yellow; lemons, mangoes

Green; Emeralds

Blue; Sky, sea/ocean

Purple; Amethysts, aubergines

If you were to open the world’s most accurate fortune cookie, what would your fortune inside it read?

“You will stumble and suffer a lot in your younger days but will find peace and wisdom In your middle age”

Santa’s tired of people leaving him out cookies and milk on Christmas Eve night! If you really wanted to get on Santa’s good side, what would you leave out for him to eat/drink instead? (This question applies whether you celebrate Christmas or not. It’s just for fun, so imagination? Welcome! )

Santa needs to watch his diet. I think he would appreciate low fat milk or cheese cubes, apple slices and perhaps some peppermint gum, too ward off hunger attacks.

GRATITUDE SECTION (Still optional)

What plans do you have for the upcoming holiday/celebration/festival season? 🎅🏻🤶🏻❄

Nothing is planned as yet for the two-week-long break from school but we’ll think of something fun to do. Meanwhile, if you recall my post asking advice from you all regarding the purchase of a camera?

Well………..ta da!

Now I just need to remember to use it!

Thank you so much Melanie for these ultra-fun questions.



39 thoughts on “Sharing my world, squirrel edition- 2

  1. Thanks Sadje for Sharing Your World! It’s true that Santa is a little pudgy. However, the Coca-Cola company (who shares an image of Santa on their drinks during the holidays) has apparently designed a trimmer version in keeping with the trends today. So your wonderful diet plate and gum would work right into that! Great choices! 🙂 Having the internet ‘back in the day’ would have been a very useful thing to have indeed. I loved your choice for ‘person who needs silencing the most”. You are spot on! And you’re right. No politician that I know of would say a danged word, if they knew only the honest truth was going to fly out of their mouths. Most spend a lot of time covering things up or putting themselves in the best light possible. Congratulations on your new camera, that looks very professional. I’m looking forward to seeing what you photograph and share! 😀 Enjoy the break from studies! Maybe it’s movie time for you and your grandson? 😉 Have a splendid week ! (and your rainbow list was wonderful. So many good things!)

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